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america prepares to commemorate one of the most solemn days in its history -- september 11. good morning. welcome to news 4 today. i'm barbara harrison in for kimberly suter and aaron gilchrist this morning. it's saturday, september 11, 2010. we're going to take a quick check on our forecast. our meteorologist joins us here in the studio. good morning. >> good morning to you. >> nice morning, chilly. feels a little like fall. >> it does. it's the perfect fall weather. dry, clear skies. looks like a nice warmup today. no rain. we'll have a 50-50 weekend. one eye open, take a look at your screen. look at this beautiful sky about to have a sunrise soon. get started and take a look at the numbers. it's 60 downtown. but in the suburbs, yeah, we
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have some 40s out there. here's the satellite radar loop showing a bubble of high pressure keeping us nice and clear. but as for the numbers, yeah, we've got 40s outside this morning. don't worry, we're going to warm up. we'll be warmer than yesterday. we're going to take a trip up to the upper 70s to near 80 in fredericksburg. 77 in winchester. coming up, the forecast for the rest of the weekend. we have to sneak some rain in here, barbara. we really need it. i'll answer the question if it will be dry for the redskins game. >> everybody is asking that question. >> it's a big one. a big opponent coming in. we'll talk about the week ahead. but let's not rush through the week even. the lives of so many came down in the two towers. this morning, many in our area
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will remember the day terror hit so close to home. and honor the lives lost at the pent gone. this is darcy spencer's report. on the eve of the ninth anniversary of the september 11 attack, many have been drawn to visit the pentagon memorial. district resident liz mora came here for the first time with her children. >> they need to know and learn from what happened. it's powerful. that the's why we're here tonight, to honor and respect them. >> the memorial has 184 benches, each with the name of a victim of a plane that slammed into the pentagon. eddie is one of them. >> you're supposed to get easier. you're supposed to find closure. i have never found closure. >> jessica morrow and matthew callahan are visiting from connecticut. they said the memorial is moving
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and a reminder never to forget that day. >> it's amazing to see how many people actually lost their lives for what? i don't know. >> every year, a more heated topic. you can see in the news about the mosque in new york, the koran burning in florida. seems every year gets worst. >> the memorial is supposed to be a peaceful place, to reflect, to remember, the sacrifice when terrorism hit here at home. cris anderson came here to pay her respects. >> tribute to the sacrifices made on 9/11, civilian and military, the victims in the plane and the victims in the pentagon, it's a solemn and beautiful memorial. >> the president will be at the pentagon memorial this morning for a private remembrance, it's
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open to the family members of the victims of the attack. there will be a replaying ceremony. news 4 today. students in our area are paying tribute to the lives lost on 9/11 in their own special way. the students from langley high school in mclain flagged nearly 3,000 american flags near the entrance to the school. the 2,977 flags represent a person killed in the terrorist attacks in new york, pennsylvania, and the pentagon. vice president joe biden will attend the largest remembrance service today in a park near ground zero in new york. the ceremony will pause four times when the first plane struck the north tower and again when the second plane struck for the time when each tower fell as well. houses of worship in the city will toll their bells in each of the four moments of first lady michelle obama and
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first lady laura bush will atent services in shanksville, pennsylvania today. that's where passengers overtook the hijackers. the ceremony there will begin at 9:30 this morning. a florida pastor will not be burning the koran today. terry jones is in new york. he travelled there near gainesville, florida to meet an imam near ground zero. he would not comment on his plans as he arrived in laguardia airport last night. jones's son told reporters his father's son would hold an event today, but not the koran burning. local muslims say all of the attention from the florida pastor's koran controversy could generate positive messages. what imam said the story has created a chance for greater understanding of his faith. >> the koran, the koran, the koran is on the news every day.
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what's the koran all about? people are going to go to the library, borrow copies of the koran. they're going to read it and they're going to say, you know what? this is a lot like the bible. >> religious leaders of various faiths will come together for a unity march. it will start in massachusetts avenue and northwest dc and end near the gandy statue. organizers expect some 1500 people to attend. in other news this morning, news 4 has learned an investigation is under way to determine how a woman charged with running over two people in adams morgan got to be so drunk so early in the evening. police say her blood alcohol limit was twice the legal level, that is, when she crashed before 9:00 on wednesday. now police want to know if the drinks were flows too freely at the bar she came from. this is jackie benson. the horrific crash happened at 8:30 wednesday night. a white dodge caliber became
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wedged in a restaurant store front after jumping a traffic island and striking two pedestrians. in the aftermath, investigators ordered two separate blood alcohol tests for the driver. the tests showed 23-year-old tameka adams of mitchellville had .18 and .17 respectively, double the legal limit in the district. she had been at a club called district. free drinks in a wednesday happy hour from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. d.c. police chief kathy lan irk er said her officers are working with the regulatory agency. >> i know they are 12 hours or so in that detailed investigation. there there be more information coming shortly. >> 26-year-old judith bochlitner remains in critical condition.
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melissas being of france, 26 and a hopkins graduate student suffered less serious injuries and could be released from the hospital soon. >> i was at the hospital yesterday. family members coming in for the young women who were injured in this. a horrible incident. we talk about alcohol and the havoc it can create, no better example. >> a call requesting comment from district was not returned. jackie benson, news 4 today. as we remember our local emergency responders today, a new generation of firefighters is joining the ranks in virginia. fairfax county celebrated the 129th graduation yesterday. they graduated to officially become professional firefighters. all have completed training and skills, emergency medicine, and
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vehicular extraction. the graduation speaker, the secretary of safety. you have a chance to protect yourself from identity theft. it runs from 8:00 to 11:00 this morning at the rockville campus of montgomery college. bring all of your documents you want shredded to parking lot 13 adjacent to the montgomery county school's offices at 8:50 manaqui drive. among the papers being expecteded, papers with staples and paper clips are accepted. and up to five card board boxes. and/or paper bags of personal papers. and still ahead this hour -- an amazing scene of destruction. that's what the investigators are calling the rubble left after this week's massive explosion in california. the latest on what they think caused this deadly blast. and police in one local
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county are turning your ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] giving up cigarettes can take more than willpower alone. but today's a new day. for many, smoking is a treatable medical condition.
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so talk to your doctor about prescription treatment options and support. and this time, make it your time. this is the last weekend voters can cast their ballots before the primary election last tuesday. so far people took advantage of early voting. the current mayor will be canvassing neighborhoods in northwest. his challenger vincent gray plans to hold a pep rally at shea low baptist church. early voting ends on monday. mayoral candidates have two days to persuade voters.
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vincente and gray are using the air waves. the messages and the surprising outburst from the audience. >> what was your view of the question? >> vincente and grey passed each other in the newsroom. disagreeing again, gray won't say whether he'd keep the controversial school leader. >> i want to sit down with her soon after the primary so we can get a sense of where she is and where i am and what the chemistry will be. >> he repeated he's made a mistake by not reaching out to more citizens as he says he's rushing to get things done. >> spending so much time, actually getting things done. focusing on results. that's been, you know, both -- you know, my legacy as mayor and maybe a little bit of my albatross. >> at a later candidate forum in georgetown, he was acknowledging support from former mayor anthony williams when he was interrupted by a woman in the audience. >> anthony williams in this campaign, very glad to have his
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support. glad to have his endorsement. when mayor williams introduced -- >> i did not endorse you. >> can you ask people not to interrupt. >> the person responding to that in the audience is not just a casual observer. she's mayor williams' mother. >> the media has mischaracterized the comments about him but mayor williams himself has made no effort to deny the endorsement. >> although he won't comment on the show, gray has praised the work of the police chief, kathy lanier. that was tom sherwood reporting. counted ballots will include those from 1500 inmates. the re-entry for organized citizens allows them to vote. it helps inmates transition back to society. citizens jailed from misdemeanors had the right to vote along with those waiting
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trial. keep both hands on the wheel when you're driving through fairfax county, virginia. police are looking out for distracted drivers. not just talking about texting while driving. a new push to put safety first. >> steering wheel in one hand, the cell phone in the ore. police have seen enough. they're going to attack distracted driving in a difficult way. texting while driving has the too many loopholes, they're going to turn to a different charge, failure to paying attention. >> whether that's eating our personal grooming or talking on their cell phone. because of that, the driving is not where they should be. >> on the training course, police use reporters to drive the point home. >> back out the way we came. >> i set out on a course that might replicate a narrow residential street or mall parking lot.
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joe moore rides shotgun. wasn't long before the first text arrived as i was trying to park. >> if you can read the e-mail to me out loud. >> it says got it. -- an adjustment mere. >> next distraction -- a call. at the same time my passenger is giving directions. >> hi, it's julie. >> head straight down the straightaway. >> yeah. almost at a -- >> okay. so, i'm sorry -- >> we're almost at a complete stop. >> trouble is, i'm suppose to be going 25. last challenge -- reading directions to a caller while navigating doancones. i also made it. the kind of driving i just did is exactly what they will be watching for. >> they see a car that's breaking for no apparent reason. they're going to get up and look and see what the driver doing. if they're doing something
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that's causing them to be distracted, they will stop and ticket them. >> fairfax county officials say distracted driving causes 80% of all accidents and texting while driving is the biggest culprit. we will take a break and come back in a moment with more. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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well, if you're just waking up, it feels like football weather out there today. it's got that chill in the air like fall. hopefully it will stay nice and dry for tomorrow. >> i think we'll get the game in dry. >> good. >> we have two nats home games. one will have some rain, one won't. the one that will be dry will be today. the nats are playing at 135 or 105. it will be good. it will be good today. if you're headed out, you have a nice day. check out the sunrise this
6:22 am
saturday morning. how's that? loving these temperatures, man, it's been so nice. obviously we need the rain, a six-inch rainfall deficit. but this nice weather, boy, you can get a lot of stuff outside. 60 degrees is their number. so comfortable. we have 40s in the suburbs. there they are. winchester, martinsburg, frederick, manassas, 45, 50 at la plata. 60 downtown. a bubble of high pressure keeping us nice and dry. the rain over my shoulderer to the west, that's going to be the sunday weather maker. and we need the rain. hey, the game -- we talked about it. 75 degrees at 1:35. florida marlins are in town. partly to mostly sunny. how about the redskins? we're going to get rain in here during the day tomorrow. i think some of your tailgating will be damp. by 8:00, the showers should be east of us, clouds will be lingering, and temperatures will be around 70, maybe 69. a little cooler.
6:23 am
we'll take a look at the radar and put the details together. this is futurecast, okay. going to show you what's going to happen. the timeline down here. this is by this morning, 8:00. you can see, we stay sunny today. and this low pressure system, sunday, 6:30 in the morning, the rain is knocking on the door. going to come during the day. by 6:00 in the evening, should be off to the east. optimistic. cloudy. should be dry as they take on dallas. put it in writing. mostly sunny. more clouds to the west later this afternoon. a beautiful day, take a stab at 79 degrees. this evening, 65 to 75, sunset at 7:23. tomorrow morning, tomorrow during the day. a lot of showers around. hope your garden gets the water. do some painting and raking do it today. seven-day forecast coming up. the first four. the weekend, i mentioned, is 50-50. we'll get over that hurdle
6:24 am
sunday. monday, back up to 80, tuesday, 82. extend the forecast to the middle of the week. looking good. looks like another system is going to race in here with clouds by thursday and rain showers by friday. >> we need the rain as you just said. >> six inches behind. >> wow. >> yeah. all right, we'll see you again shortly. federal officials are trying to find out why a gas line explode in a san francisco suburb, destroying dozens of homes. the blast thursday night set off a fire that swept through a san bruno neighborhood. leanne greg has more on the investigation? this is what's left of a neighborhood in san bruno, california not far from the san francisco international airport. 167 homes destroyed or damaged, 15 acres charred, four people confirmed dead. hell on earth, that's how some described the blast of the flames that shot 100 feet in the
6:25 am
air. an explosion so violent it shook the earth. >> thought we were having an earthquake. we looked out the kitchen window and saw these huge explosions. >> as the inferno jumped from house-to-house, firefighters faced hydrants with no water and exploding gas lines. >> we couldn't be successful putting out the fire. >> planes dropped retardant. the flames were contained. 50 others were injured, some critically. the question, what happen? pacific gas and electric, the gas line when it's 40, 50 years old likely ruptured. >> we're constantly working every day to make sure we're maintaining the integrity of that system. >> as the investigation intensifie intensifies, people stunned in this community rocked by the disaster hope for answers. san bruno, colorado. >> -- california.
6:26 am
>> one football game is won on the high school level, the other, a college game. highlights from both in our "sports in a minute." sports mix starts with football. battle back from a 21-6 deficit to beat the marshall thundering herd, 21-21 in overtime. 15 seconds to go in regulation. marshall missed a 39-yard field goal in overtime. that wasn't the only thrilling game last night. on the high school level, damascus and clint orcher went back and forth. conner fratzier keeps it himself to put the hornets up. but q.o. had a chance to win it. the pass falls incomplete and drama finally over as damascus wins it 27-23 and snaps a five-game losing skid to qo.
6:27 am
in baseball, the nationals and marlins meet for the first time last night since the ugly brawl a couple of weeks ago. the nats down early. can't come back. the marlins dropped the nationals, 3-1. that's the morning sports, i'm dan helley. have a great weekend. how will one of the darkest days in u.s. history be taught in history class? one man's mission to make sure students everywhere learn about 9/11. more help in the efforts to save the chilean miners who have !%
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good morning. welcome to news 4 today. i'm barbara harrison in for kimberly suter and aaron gilchrest. saturday, 2010. the news is just ahead. first, a quick check of our
6:31 am
forecast. kim martucci joins us to talk about today's weather and look ahead to tomorrow, a lot of folks wonder what's going to happen. >> a lot of question marks about tomorrow, understandably. it's been so long since we had the rain. >> we need the rain. >> take a run at the rain tomorrow. i'm optimistic we get the skins game in. more on that. 60 degrees. feels so nice outside. the dew point is 49. this is a fall-like air mass. the 46 in winchester. 50, la plata. today we'll call it mostly sunny. by 3:00, 76, the high 78. sunset at 7:20. a check of the beach forecast coming up, by the way. just because labor day came on doesn't mean we have to suffer. >> this is the nicest times to go to the beach. >> you bet. >> look forward to hearing that. a day most remember well but wish nothing had happened, we watched as terror came to our
6:32 am
shores. today the country will pause and reflect to remember the events of nine years ago. ceremonies will be held around the nation to mark the tragedies of 9/11. this morning, president obama along with others in our area will remember the day terror hit so close to home and honor the lives lost at the pentagon. joe biden will attend a memorial at a park near ground zero. the ceremony will pause four times, first at 8:46 a.m. when the first plane struck the north tower, and again at a the time the second plane struck and then two more times when each tower fell. houses of worship in the city will toll their bells in the four moments of silence. meanwhile, michelle obama and former first lady laura bush will attend services in shanksville, pennsylvania. that's where united 93 crashed into a field after passengers overtook the hijackers. it will be again there at 9:30.
6:33 am
there has been some distraction today, hundreds will attend the memorials around the country. we'll have more on the events around the nation. >> reporter: despite a heated debate on a proposed mosque and cultural center and plan by one florida pastor to burn copies of the koran, today nine years after terrorists struck, the focus returns to remembering the victims. ceremonies in new york, pennsylvania, and virginia pay tribute to the 2,752 victims killed when a terrorist hijacked four commercial planes and attacked the u.s. in lower manhattan, 9/11 families gathered at the park. >> throughout the morning as has now been tradition, the names of victims will be read and four moments of silence will mark the times the plane hit.
6:34 am
joe biden will attend the ceremony along with city and state leaders and first responders. president obama remembers the remarks and participates in a wreath-laying ceremony at the memorial site. and shanksville, pennsylvania, first lady michelle obama along with first lady laura bush attended a ceremony to honor the pang passengers who fought back. plans are moving forward. the centerpiece, 1 world trade center is expected to be finished by 2013. with each construction step forward, remains a connection to the past. steel beams were permanently installed at the entrance of the national september 11 memorial and museum slated to be finish in 2012. >> it will be a memorial that we will all be proud of and inspire people around the world. >> and always remind them never to forget. >> and tonight what is also
6:35 am
become a tradition, the tribute in light, twin beams of light illuminating the night sky and symbolizing where the twin towers once stood, michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. ahead of president obama's pentagon visit today, a special ceremony honor lives lost on the eve of september 11. a special wreath sits at the 9/11 memorial at the pentagon. arlington county firefighters were among those who attended the ceremony. they were among the first responders to the pentagon after the terror attacks nine years ago today. >> so many people met without our loved ones that were here. for that memory, that is one that lingers for those families every single day. >> dc's museum likely to draw a crowd today includes a battered broadcast tower from new york's world trade center buildings. it may be impossible to think we
6:36 am
would ever forget the tragic events that unfolded on this day nine years ago. the reality is young children were shielded by the horrors of that day by their parents and their teachers. kids are in high school. one man believes teaching students about the painful events is else in. he started by building a tribute center near ground zero and wants to make the story of 9/11 required raet reading in the nation's schools. mike tiabi has the story. the high school day began as usual went morning. then, for some students, took an unusual turn. >> we turned on the tv. then we watched the day unfold. >> that day, 9/11 when most of the students were 7 or 8-year-old grade school kids whose teachers sought to protect them from the unfolding horror. >> they didn't want to talk about it that much. >> if little was said then, much was forgotten, we'll never know
6:37 am
the detail, this pilot course in the history of 9/11 was intended to change that. >> get the call, go in. >> the curriculum was created by retired firefighter lee iopi whose son, jonathan was one of the more than 300 firefighters who died on 9/11. 2 million visitors come through the center including teacher sherry chester. some difficult questions addressed. >> have you talked about radicalism as compared to good people. even though he says many teachers have come through the tribute center and says i have to get it to my students, it hasn't happened. and 9/11 has to be taught, he says, or these students might only learn history through the prism of a day's headlines. >> they're learning what somebody in florida may say about the koran, burning the koran. >> instead of real history, even if it's painful history, to keep
6:38 am
it from being repeated. >> we don't forget the holocaust, slavery, we educate it, we teach it. >> these students say they get it. >> we have to learn about this. we have to know why it happens, what we can do to prevent it. >> lee's point exactly. >> my son is not going to come back with my hate. i would rather do something more progressive. i would rather think about tomorrow. >> but today, one middle of america town with fewer residents than the number of 9/11 victims the teaching. mike tiabi, nbc news, new york. president obama is upbeat. but do voters share his optimism. a story you have to see to believe. a politician gets head butted in the middle of a speech. look inside a more than
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been our business. and the future begins now.
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president obama says efforts to improve the economy will be his primary focus right now. yesterday during the news conference he acknowledged that americans are frustrated with slow economic growth but said the nation has started to regain jobs lost. the president said republicans are playing politics and stalling tax cuts for the middle class. >> what i've got is the republicans holding middle class tax relief hostage because they're insisting we have to give tax relief to the millionaires and billionaires to the tune of $100,000 per millionaire. >> the president urged congress to pass a bill that calls for $12 billion in tax breaks for small businesses and encourages banks to lend to those companies. in international headlines this morning, a third drill has arrived at the site of the mine collapse in chile.
6:43 am
crews have had used two drills in full speed to rescue 33 miners trapped underground there. the men had been struck about 2300 feet in the copper and gold mine since august 5. engineers say it could be christmas before they can get them out. protesters in turkey are urging -- using their heads, literally. check this out. a pro-kurdish politician was head butted by a protester who rushed the stage in a speech yesterday. it led to a large scuffle in the crowd. some threw rocks in the police and accused them of not protecting the politician. officers took the politician to a hospital and they say he's going to be okay. well, the "today" show is next on nbc 4. amy robach joins us live from new york. hi, amy. coming up on "today," today marks the terror attack
6:44 am
anniversary. today will not go without controversy. live reports from ground zero on what should be a day of remember ranls. and an interview with new york city mayor michael bloomberg and the man behind the koran burning, pastor terry jones. crews in san bruno, california continues to search homes after a massive explosion killed four people there. investigators are looking for what happened. live from the scene. a 2-year-old girl disappeared from her family's front porch in 1965. 45 years later, the fbi has reopened the case. we're going to find out why. stand up to cancer, the stars aligned last night for one of television's biggest events to stamp out the deadly disease. the ninth event when we see you a bit later today. back to you. >> thank you, we'll be watching. >> great. we have a chance this morning to help protect yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft. nbc 4 is holding another community shred today in rockville. it runs from 8:00 to 11:00 this morning at the rockville campus
6:45 am
of montgomery college. pli bring all of your documents you want shredded to parking lot 13 adjacent to the rethe school office. among the items are personal papers, financial and legal document ms. paper with staples or paper clips will be accepted. envelopes with plastic windows and up to five card board boxes and/or paper bags or personal papers will be shredded. we've got weather coming our way tomorrow. perhaps -- but today will be a good one. >> good day to get shredding. a good day for baseball too. the full forecast coming up through the weekend on the other side of this b
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look at that. that's beautiful. sun is up on the horizon. this day has officially begun.
6:49 am
let's find out what kind of day it's going to be. kim martucci with us this morning. >> gorgeous day, it says it all. today will be the better day by the weekend. tomorrow, the rain coming our way. get outside, enjoy today while you can. got some yardwork to do? i know, things are looking a little brown. get some rain tomorrow, though, to hopefully put a dent in the deficit that we have that's over six inches behind. so talk about the weekend. a 50-50 weekend as i mentioned. today is the better day this weekend. enjoy that. i do think even though we get rain tomorrow, it should be over by the time the redskins play around 8:00, 8:15, all right? so rest assured, that will be good. tailgating, a little damp, though. it's 60. it's fall-like outside. we have dry dew points. that means the humidity is low like we get in the fall. look at that 46-degree reading up in frederick. we take you to the south and west, culpepper, 54, that's the
6:50 am
number in clinton. a lot of sunshine along the bay today. warrenton and fredericksburg, the warm spots, 80, 81. martinsburg, west virginia, 76. the clear skies, that rain to the west will stay out of the way. if we're going to do boating on the bay, the water temperature is 75. we'll have winds kicking the waves around about a foot. the winds will be shifting to the north a little later this afternoon. we've got plenty of time at the beaches. so let's get you the forecast. rehoe both, 76. the uv index is 6. the water temperature around 72. a little warmer for the water down by ocean city. the highs today, 75, water temperatures, 73, uv index, 7. the sunshine is here. watch the clouds quickly cloud up tonight. and by tomorrow, you're going to have a round of rain during the daylight hours. but by the evening, we should be to the east and we will be drying out. the skins game in.
6:51 am
a little luck, a few showers. 75 to 80. more clouds south and west, shenandoah, not bad here. easing back to 75. tomorrow morning, rain will be knocking on your door, waking up to the low 60s downtown. an 80% chance of rain tomorrow, everybody. a cooler day, only 71. but monday and tuesday, we're drying out, warming back up to the 80s. by the middle of the week, some 70s with clouds on the horizon thursday. then the next chance of rain will be at the end of this week on friday. so two chances. we need every one we can get. >> we do. i've got the brown lawn like you were talking about. up next, a classic in college football. we'll have the highlights in jaguar platinum coverage is not just a warranty. it's a belief in everything we do. it's a 5 year, 50,000 mile promise. with complimentary scheduled maintenance no-cost replacement of wear and tear items
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and 24/7 roadside assistance. because when you create the most beautiful, fast cars on earth, you create an ownership experience to match.
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redskins fans, the wait is almost over. dan helly has a preview in this morning's sports. >> redskins and the cowboys getting very close. the cowboys are going to do without two of the starting offensive linemen sunday night. redskins, three-point underdogs right now. but the cowboys playing without a couple of their starters on the o-line certainly levels the playing field a little bit. tony romo does still believe his backups will be just fine. >> this is the ultimate team
6:55 am
game and i think you have to have people to step up and be in position to help you. we have a lot of confidence in the guys stepping up. and i think they're good players as well. so we're lucky enough to have some depth at positions. >> the coal ball, marshall and west virginia. the mountaineers have shut marshall down over the years in nine innings. the thundering herd never have beaten their big brothers from morgantown. last knight, it looked like it was going to happen. the first victory ever over the mountaineers. the second quarter, brian anderson dropping back and going deep to aaron dobson. and i'm pretty sure this qualifies as a monster play. 96 yards for the touch. huntington is going nuts. marshall was up 21-6 with eight minutes to go in the game. then somebody flipped the script. west virginia starting to come back. down by eight.
6:56 am
mountaineers knocking on the door again with 20 seconds to go. gino smith rolling out. and finding will johnson in the back of the end zone. one and two. you only need one. a two-point game with 12 seconds to go. west virginia goes for two. mountaineers trying to complete the greatest comeback ever in this rivalry. smith finds jacques sanders in the back of the end zone. it's a tie game. and this one is going to overtime. you can sense that it was now west virginia's to lose. in o.t., west virginia hits a field goal for the first lead of the game. now marshall kicker tyler warner, a chance to tie from 39 yards out. almost looked good. west virginia comes back to win in overtime. exact words from our high school football expert who was
6:57 am
covering the damascus orchard game last night. i've been to 300 high school football games in the last ten years, this was the best one i've ever seen. here we go. second quarter. damascus out of their own end zone. conner frazier, the quarterback, to joe ross. ross catches the ball on the goal line. he is gone. 99 yards for the touchdown. da mas kast jumps out to a 14-0 lea lead. stretches to the cougar touchdown. cuts it lead to six. fourth quarter. frazier keeps to himself. 21 yards later, he's in the house. hornets up 27-23. last chance. murphy looking for core day thomas. the hornets breaking up in the end zone. damascus hangs on to win 27-23. snaps a five-game losing streak
6:58 am
to quince orchard. tennis time, venus williams is 30 years old. she's bidding to become the oldest woman to win a grand slam title in the last two decades. she took on the defending champ, kim christers in the semifinal. let's go to new york. venus carrying the mantle. serena only could watch. in the near court, down 2-3. wins it first set, 6-4. now venus in the near court serving trying to create a break point. venus comes to the net behind her forehand. and, again, venus -- oh -- not taking care of business here. the lob does her in. she hugheses to kim clijsters in three sets. nats and marlins meeting for the first time since the ugly brawl down in florida, nija
6:59 am
waiting for that appeal. on the field, no fights in this one. on the hill for the nationals facing dangerous dan uggla. uggla lines run in to left field. and in comes emilio bobfazio to score. to the sixth lane. been pitching very well lately. niger morgan gets a bad jump on the ball. makes amends for the shoestring grab. the nationals, not enough for them to fall to the marlins, 3-1. that's the morning sports. i'm dan helly. have a great weekend. that's it for news 4 today, back in 25 minutes for the local news update. join us again at 9:00 for a full hour of news. until then, have a great day. see you later.

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